So what kind of role models do young African America girls have to look up to and identify with?

First, there is Oprah. While Oprah shows young girls that they can care for others and be charitable, Oprah does talk a lot about weight issues. Every time she fluctuates it makes news across the country. Also, some of her top-rate programs are her give-away shows. This makes Oprah come of as materialistic. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Oprah, but she is not the ideal role model. Not to mention she is ridiculously rich, making identifying with her even harder.

Personally, If I were to have a young girl look up to a talk show host, Id rather it be Tyra Banks. Instead of discussing her weight gain, Tyra embraces it. She works to improve girl’s body image and self esteem on her talk show, and even on America’s Next Top Model, where she is the host, she constantly mentions she finds beauty in the weird and the awkward. The negative: anywhere you look you could see her flaunting her curvy body in lingerie or a skimpy bathing suit. She also was gorgeous enough to imitate Barbie in the Disney movie “Life size”. She may also not be one to identify yourself with. Maybe the current years.

Ironically enough, although Beyonce fits into a black stereotype, I think she may also be a great role model. She sings about female empowerment, and conducts herself as a lady. When was the last time you saw something about Beyonce in a tabloid? She is always professional, and treats her personal relationship as just that-personal. I give her two thumbs up as a role model. The only down side? She is mixed, so black girls may not be able to fully relate to her.

Without good, constructive representations of what black females can live up to being presented in media, the stereotypes below may never go away. Those reoccurring images have been taken as true stereotypes, and are solidified in our minds. Without true representations that show the complexities of black females, they may never be broken.