After hearing how the songs effect people, how they stick in your head and replay messages over and over again in your mind, I decided it would be important to look into current popular music.

Number 4 on the current Billboard Top 100 is Bruno Mars, “Just The Way You Are” 

The song seems very positive, it is a man singing about how a woman is perfect just the way she is. I was impressed with the positivity, until I saw the music video. The video would have been a great opportunity to show that all women, of all sizes and races, and show that every woman is beautiful just the way she is. Instead, they chose a tall, thin, white, and societies version of “beautiful” model type. Hopefully young girls wont watch the video, and instead internalize the great message of the song 🙂 one can hope

Another genre, techno, features a different story. David Guetta featuring Akon made a song that has been on the charts for a few months, called “Sexy Bitch”

In the song, they call the woman a “diva” a “sexy bitch” (which is supposed to be respectful) and say that every girl wants to be her. I find this incredibly degrading and I believe it sends a terrible message to young girls. It tells them that they need to want to be like the girl described, a sexual being. This message could potentially go round and round in their heads, formulating that idea in their heads.