Dove recently have come out with a new campaign: the dove girls. Under the photograph the label says “Real Women Have Curves”. Although scrutinized for just caring about soap sales, this ad shows real hope for the future of advertising, a hope for a women with curves (not a skeleton). Dove says the ad campaign is to promote healthy teen body image, stating that 92% of girls want to change at least one aspect of their appearance. Personally, I’m wondering who the other 8% were. The Dove movement for self-esteem website asks us to “Imagine, a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety” and displays this ad (Though this longer version is from Youtube):

This video depicts a model, who first comes on to set with no makeup on. Then, in fast pace, we see makeup be put on her and her hair done, then afterwards the photo editing done on her, distorting her face entirely. The video’s purpose is to do precisely what I am doing on this blog: show the process taking place surrounding advertisements. It is showing young girls, or any unaware spectator, the grueling process a model goes through (which is later just animated) in order to look the way they do in the magazines. This shows them the impossibility of the standards of beauty being presented to them, with the goal of boosting their self-esteem.

I am really proud of a company for standing up this way, whether their motives are selfish or not. Higher self esteem for our youth will benefit everyone. Someone who is more comfortable with themselves and believes in themselves seemingly would be a more productive member of society. I hope that Dove’s message gets across, and that others follow suit.