The same way violence against women becomes normalized, through constant exposure, rape of women does as well. It is no secret that women are overly sexualized in our culture. Turn on the television, open a magazine, turn on the radio and you will see or hear an overly-sexualized image of a woman. With these overly-sexual images comes the glamorized images of rape.

Dolce and Gabbana pulled this ad after critics claimed it glamorized rape and violence against women. Songs such as “Rape Me” by Nirvana, “Stan” by Eminem, “Date Rape” by Sublime and many, many others depict rape. Now these ads and these songs may not make a person go out and commit violence against women, but repeated exposure creates an environment where there is a greater acceptance of this violence.

It is important for us to analyze these images, and not just turn a blind eye. Although these images do not have an obvious immediate effect on how you see the world, over time they will shape how you feel about violence, it will desensitize you.