It was reported that in 2010, Actress Jessica Alba left a screening of her new film, The Killer Inside Me, in disgust while viewing a scene where her character is badly beaten. In the film, her character takes sexual pleasure out of being beaten. What message does this send to viewers?

But violence is not only seen in rated R films, it is seen in Disney Films such as Beauty and the Beast. In this children’s film, a girl is captured by an angry ghastly beast who violently throws her father out. She is told she may never leave, and the Beast constantly tells her what she can  and cant do. In the end, Beauty see’s “the good” in the Beast, she sticks it out and falls in love with him. It is no wonder that women everywhere put up with domestic abuse, attempting to “find the good”  inside their husbands, we have such a great example set for us from childhood! (sarcasm). Below is a clip demonstrating his violent temper.


Violence against women unfortunately presents its self across genres of film. With domestic violence and violence against women becoming all too common, it is the normalization of this violence that allows it to continue. Part of this violence that is occurring is rape of women. Lets look into how rape becomes normalized in popular culture.